Because life is a Moving Conversation

I’m all about having conversations to help you keep moving in life. I am not your typical counsellor & my goal is to help you to rediscover your amazingness and to encourage you to never give up.

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Hi I'm Rob and I'm not your typical counsellor.

Like everyone else, I’m working life out on the go. I’ve been told I have a calming & thoughtful demeanor however I also have a cheeky sense of humour.

My process is different from most other counselling services. For a start you are not sitting in a sanitary meeting room – you have the option to walk and talk out in nature so our conversation is more natural and it allows me to get to know you in a more authentic way.

Nor do I lock you into a set number of sessions. I offer a flexible and organic service that starts with your needs and helping you improve the relationship with yourself and others.

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Are You Experiencing These Things?

hope & happiness

Management Burnout

clarity & confidence

Compassion Fatigue

balance and direction


Help with communication & connection


peace of

Organisational Change

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Counselling is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of (unlike the dialogue we hear in society and our screens). It is a positive, proactive, and empowering practice to live your preferred future rather than remaining stuck and unsatisfied.

Let’s address the kombi in the room

You might be wondering why I have a kombi and what it has to do with the services I provide. It’s easy…. There are 3 reasons:

When I started my business I saw a Kombi and immediately realised it would be the ‘perfect vehicle’ for transformation and made it my goal to own one. Meet Esperanza. (Spanish translation: Hope – which is what my business is all about.)

I wanted to offer a different kind of counselling… a moving conversation if you like. I can come to you, meet you or we sit in the back and chat.  It is not your typically counselling space or service.

Like I said I am different to most other counsellors and you can see that firsthand in how I work.