Get to Know Me

Hi I’m Rob. I am not your typical counsellor

Like everyone else, I’m working life out on the go. I’ve been told I have a calming & thoughtful demeanour however I also have a cheeky sense of humour.

Over the years I’ve learned to be myself and I accept that not everyone needs to like me for me to happy. I move through life based on my values of respect, transparency, responsibility, simplicity, responsibility, and challenge.

My process is different from most other counselling services. For a start You are not sitting in a sanitary meeting room, you have the option to walk and talk out in nature so our conversation is more natural and it allows me to get to know you in a more authentic way.

Nor do I lock you into a set number of session. I offer a flexible and organic service that starts with your needs and helping you improve the relationship with yourself and others.

I’m truly interested in people. I believe that having powerful conversations with people re-inspires them to take action in their lives, which in turn inspires those around them to potentially do the same. One pebble, many ripples is my philosophy and I have had much success in helping my clients using this simple idea.

I am just like you. I have struggles and successes, hopes & dreams and some days are easier than others. It is called being human and I’d love to help you find your happy place.

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Counselling is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of (unlike the dialogue we hear in society and our screens). It is a positive, proactive, and empowering practice to live your preferred future rather than remaining stuck and unsatisfied.