New Year Resolution or New Year Resignation?

Is your resolution already in the rubbish bin?

Don’t despair, you are not alone.

According to numerous studies

25% of resolutions never make it past week one!

25% fail before the end of the first month, and the remaining

40% fail during the year. On average only

10% succeed!

In the face of such depressing statistics… WHY BOTHER?

Why not simply avoid failure by not making a resolution right?

However, if you give in to the resignation you’ll still be unfit, unsatisfied, and unhappy (pretending not to be, maybe) for another year.

Research has determined the common factors that lead to such horrific resolution failure:

  1. NO PLAN (Buckley’s)
  2. Goals are either too easy (boring) or too hard (fantasy land)
  3. No accountability (who’s got your back?)
  4. No tracking or reviews (how are you doing?)
  5. No confidence (I can’t)
  6. No motivation (why bother?)
  7. No Idea (Why am I doing this?)

Now for the GOOD NEWS!

This year you can be one of the ten percenters who achieve their resolution and do it easily.

All high performance operators have a coach – athletes, CEO’s, singers, etcetera. Having a professionally registered Solution Focused Coach will help you flip the common factors of failure into common factors for success.

The first week of January is already over!

Contact me for a 15-30 min free consultation and let’s start the work together to create a plan to smash your most resistant goal this year.