What if counselling was fun?

Psychologically it has been proven to boost creativity and problem solving and reduce negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression. The literature also shows that fun helps heal emotional wounds by generating positive experiences and memories. And fun boosts energy levels. Finally, fun also helps communication. So given all these benefits, it makes sense that counselling needs to be fun. But what do I mean by having fun in counselling? I don’t mean cracking jokes just for laughs, with no purpose. I mean fun in the context of good humour, playfulness, creativity, connection and enjoyment. How can fun help in counselling?  

  • It can enable us to face complicated feelings in a safe environment. Feedback from clients has been that whilst they felt I took them seriously, they have found me ‘human’ and ‘easy to talk to’. I believe that the presence of fun enables this experience.
  • Fun can be therapeutic and healing in and of itself
  • We learn best when taught in a fun way, and conversely, learning can be very challenging when we are bored/stressed/anxious. 
  • Humour and fun can enhance the effectiveness of our work together and multiply its benefits.
  • Fun allows us to work with the ‘whole’ of you.
  • It can strengthen the therapeutic relationship or connection.

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