Who I work with

I use a solution-based therapy approach which differs from counselling in the form you might know or perceive. I work with individuals and companies who want to improve their relationship with themselves and/or others.

I firmly believe that the problem is the problem – not the person, so hope can be quickly restored and harnessed. I work with you to build solutions together using their combined strengths and expertise. He does this by utilizing multiple evidence-based therapies such as Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment therapy

I am able to create a calm environment inviting clients to relax and be comfortable, ready to unpack their current concerns or challenging circumstances. My approach encourages clients to become aware of their already existing skills and capacities that they can apply to the current issue, as well as offering new insights and strategies.

I am focused on the end results. What is it that you want to achieve from your sessions?

Understanding what your ultimate end result is, allows me to navigate you along the right path. Every person is different so I use the most relevant approach to get you the ultimate outcome.

Are you or someone else you know feeling like this?

I want to feel happy

Management Burnout

I've lost

Compassion Fatigue

I feel out of


I feel

Absenteeism (Missing Work?)

I am
burnt out

Organisational Change

How do I work with you?

This process is focused on you and what you are comfortable with. There are no drab office or green plant in the corner.

You choose ‘where’ works for you.

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Counselling is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of (unlike the dialogue we hear in society and our screens). It is a positive, proactive, and empowering practice to live your preferred future rather than remaining stuck and unsatisfied.